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Equipping Next Generation Leaders Requires Next Generation Facilities.



K-Seven Opened




Summer Staff

5,000 +

Bell Rings

K-Seven Built Upon a Rich Legacy

In 1993 Joe and Debbie-Jo White opened Kanakuk K-Seven, built with the expert help of Spike White, who turned an empty plot of land into what is now one of our highest attendance Kamps at Kanakuk.

Now over 25 years old, K-Seven continues to operate and grow with facilities that have long since outlived their useful life.

As K-Seven continues to grow, so does the need for reimagined facilities that will  support its growing summer terms for decades to come.

At K-Seven, I learned what it meant to have my identity in Christ. This gave me a life changing confidence, grounded in Christ, to be a leader and make an impact for the Kingdom.

Joy Oatman K-Seven Administrative Assistant

Building the Legacy Completed Phases

Phase 1

Rebuild K-1, including the dining hall, cabins, pool, office and more.

$0 raised $12 Million

Phase 2

Renovate Cabins at K-2, K-West, and K-Kountry.

$0 raised $5 Million

Building the Legacy Current K-Seven Focus

Phase 3

$3.6 Million Still Needed

  1. New Girls Lodges
  2. Renovated Dining Hall
  3. In-Kamp Athletic Fields
  4. New Boys Lodges
  5. Staff Housing
  6. Discipleship Center & Store
  7. Utility and Road Upgrades
$4.4 million raised $8 Million

Stepping into K-Seven is like walking into a reunion.

Memories of friends who became family, activities that developed leaders, and moments where the Holy Spirit moved. These moments and memories combine to create an experience that is unlike any other.

Leading on the Field

I know whenever I’m at Kanakuk, I’m being poured into, I’m growing, and I’m being challenged.

Zach Hughes - Wendy's High School Hiesman

A Light in the Dark

Being encouraged throughout those years that are hard growing up that it’s ok to be different has been awesome, and I would definitely thank Kanakuk for that.

Kyla Soden - Miss Arkansas Contestant

Impacting the World

I saw the impact that Kamp had on my life and so many kids lives that came through those gates…

Ashly Nick - Fifth Grade Teacher

K-Seven Kampers impacting the World Around Them Equipping Next Generation Leaders

Partner with us in building a new foundation to carry on the legacy of
K-Seven for decades to come.

Equipping next generation leaders requires next generation facilities.


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